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2018 iPhone launch could include an iPhone SE 2 and an Apple Watch


This week’s iPhone rumors breathe new life into the possibility of an iPhone SE sequel that would take its cues from the iPhone 7. We’re also hearing about a new fast-charging feature that could be exclusive to the more expensive iPhone X Plus and a report that all but confirms the arrival of an Apple Watch Series 4.

iPhone SE 2 may be a revamped iPhone 7

A section in Apple’s XCode developer software hints at the existence of new iPhone with similar specs as 2016’s iPhone 7.


According to Guilherme Rambo of 9to5Mac, a section of the code mentions an ‘iPhone xx’ with an A10 processor, P3-gamut display, but without the iPhone X notch or Face ID. This year’s iPhone X sequels including an iPhone X Plus and 6.1 inch LCD model are rumored to include a proprietary A12 chip and second generation Face ID, so it’s likely that the code here could reference the iPhone SE 2, the sequel to Apple’s budget iPhone that fans were expecting earlier this year.    

iPhone X Plus could cut the cord for fast charging

Rumor has it that Apple will add fast wireless charging to this year’s iPhones, but it could turn out that only one of the three expected models will get it. A China Times report picked up by Forbes this week shows an X-Ray of what could be an iPhone X Plus with a new charging coil that would make this feature possible.

The report states that the iPhone X Plus’ larger body would be better at dissipating the extra heat generated by this wireless fast charging coil by spreading the heat around.


In addition, Apple’s said to be blessing its new iPhones with faster wired charging as well, but putting a fast charger in the box this time around.

Apple Watch Series 4 debuting alongside new iPhones

All signs point to an Apple Watch Series 4 in the pipeline for a September launch event, and this week brings even more ‘proof’.

Apple recently registered six new product numbers with the Eurasian Economic Commission, French site Consomac reports. According to a translation of the filing’s text, the model numbers refer to ‘wearable electronic devices’ that run WatchOS 5. The six numbers don’t translate into 6 different watches though, but maybe configurations of the same one device: perhaps different sizing options, LTE/non-LTE versions and materials, such as aluminum, ceramic or stainless steel.


Rumors around the new Apple Watch suggest it could also get an iPhone X-like makeover with slimmer bezels that yield more screen real estate, static ‘buttons’ that don’t press down (like on the HTC U12 Plus), a larger battery and sleep tracking software.

Other Apple news this week:

Last week’s iPhone news: Apple gets hacked from Australia, and catches flak in Japan and Turkey


This week’s iPhone news truly gets global as a teen hacker from Australia accesses the company’s mainframe. Then, Japan’s Fair Trade Commission is investigating Apple for some shady antitrust dealings as Turkey’s president starts eyeing Samsung phones as an iPhone alternative.

Apple gets hacked… by a fan

Teenagers can show their love in strange ways. One teen in Melbourne, Australia, for example, was such a fan of Apple that he decided to hack it.

The boy gained access to Apple’s mainframe, downloaded 90GB worth of secure files (that he stored in a folder named ‘hacky hack hack,’ no less) and accessed customer accounts.

Online Safety and Piracy

After Apple noticed something was up, the hacker was blocked and the Australian Federal Police raided his home.

The teen pleaded guilty and awaits sentencing. Meanwhile, Apple reassured its customers that ‘at no point during this incident was their personal data compromised.’

Apple isn’t playing so nice in Japan

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission (FTC), which is the country’s antitrust watchdog, is looking into reports that Apple allegedly pressured Yahoo Japan to slow down its development of a gaming platform.

Known as Yahoo’s Game Plus, the platform had the potential to become an App Store competitor. Since its launch in July 2017, it attracted 52 developers and was less strict than Apple about things like sales, fees and software updates.

New Apple Shinjuku Store Preview In Tokyo

But just when it looked like it was about to take off, development dwindled. Yahoo reportedly told its business partners that this was due to pressure from Apple. Now the FTC is taking a look for itself.

Turkey president says ‘no dice’ with the iPhone

The US and Turkey have not been on good terms lately. After the US sanctioned two Turkish ministers over the detention of an American pastor and President Donald Trump doubled tariffs on Turkish steel and aluminum imports, the Turkish lira’s taken a massive tumble.

In retaliation, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday that the country will ban US electronics, while specifically pointing out Apple.

‘We will implement a boycott against America’s electronic goods,’ he said. ‘If they have the iPhone, there is Samsung elsewhere.’ Erdogan also cited Vestel, Turkey’s own electronic company.

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan

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