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Problem Areas and School Needs

Gurukul School is a privately owned school in Tarapur district of Bihar. It is a co-education school with students coming from the under-privileged section of the society.

When SmartStudent™ team approached the school, it could identify certain areas that the school needed to work upon immediately. The kids studying in the school were low in self-confidence, and the parents were unsure about how education provided by the school will help their wards achieve success in life. When our team shared its methodology of school transformation, the school management was initially skeptical. The management wanted to clearly understand how our development model framework will identify areas where the school needs to invest in order to positively affect the mindset of the children. The team was finally able to convince the school, which agreed to work with SmartStudent™ on a pilot basis.

Our Approach

SmartStudent™ team started working with the school using a framework defining a structured approach of model school development. This framework has been developed by education leaders associated with the SmartStudent™ team, and who have worked in the education industry for several years. The framework touches on key aspects of school development needs of a particular school by using an indexed based approach. Following are the key activities that were a part of our work with the Gurukul School:

  • A questionnaire to the management and teachers with objective Yes/No type of questions. This helped our team to understand what the school management and teachers think about the concept of school development
  • The team analyzed the responses and interacted with the management, teachers and staff to share the findings and to set the context of school development
  • Conducted parent counseling sessions to make them aware about the activities that will be initiated as a part of the school transformation exercise
  • Redesigned our hypothesis to include local needs and constraints (financial and non-financial)
  • Created a detailed schedule of activities that will be taken up in subsequent course of time as a part of the pilot program

  • School Development Activities

    Following are the initiatives that the SmartStudent™ team has taken since start engaging with the school six months back:

  • “Smart Outlook” Initiative – Redesigning the logo and uniform of the school to make it more vibrant and contemporary
  • “Dream Discussion” Initiative – Conducting sessions with kids of all ages to provide counseling on their career dream, inducing aspiration by providing a platform for further counseling if needed by students
  • “Know Your Culture” Initiative – Facilitated tour of the schools kids to adjoining areas of historical importance
  • “Sports” Initiative – Sponsoring sports event to inculcate the habit of health and fitness
  • “Lets Build Tarapur” Initiative – To help build school’s alum network, and by giving a platform to the youth to work towards the betterment of the society
  • “Connect with Parents” Initiative – Free SMS service for the school to pass on important updates directly to the mobile phone of the parents

  • Result Achieved

    Following are the results achieved by the school in short span of working with SmartStudent™:

  • The branding strategy through our “Smart Outlook” initiative increased the enrollment in the school for the current session
  • The “Smart Outlook” initiative was also very well received by kids and their parents, who thought that their children were now “more eager” to go to the school
  • “Connect with Parents” Initiative was well received by parents as they felt satisfied by getting important updates from the school directly on their mobile phone
  • “Know Your Culture” and “Sports” Initiative was well received by the school management when they observed the energy and enthusiasm showed by kids by participating in these events
  • “Dream Discussion” Initiative was helpful in providing a support system to the students for any career related queries, and motivating them to think big and achieve their dream (SmartStudent™ team is counseling several kids of the school on a one-to-one basis after the first session)

  • Future Activities

    On the back of the success of the pilot programs, Gurukul school management has now engaged with SmartStudent™ team on a full time basis to implement the model school development approach. The management now aspires to transform the school int the “best” school in town over next two years.

    School Director's Testimonial