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Charge all the USB things with this 6-port wall charger for $19


One of the truths of modern life: There are never enough USB ports. And the ones you do have aren’t always easily accessible.


One of the easy fixes? A multi-port charging station, something that sits on a desk, counter, nightstand or wherever. Like this one: For a limited time, and while supplies last, you can get the RAVPower 6-port USB wall charger for $19 with promo code 47MB2PKU. It normally sells for $30.


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Just plug this port-bank into an AC outlet. Presto! You’ve got five intelligent Type-A USB ports and one Type-C, the latter good for things like Nintendo Switches and certain leading-edge phones. (‘Intelligent’ here means automatically detecting what kind of device is plugged in and supplying the appropriate amount of power.)


In an ideal world, at least one of these ports would support QC 3.0 (the fast-charging tech baked into some phones) — but, alas, no. You’ll have to settle for ‘regular’ charging for your devices. On the plus side, the product scored an impressive 4.7-star average from some 75 buyers.


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