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The aim of SmartStudent is to build communities through collaboration. SmartStudent Club is a unique platform built on this idea of collaboration. We bring together Schools, Parents, Teachers, Education Leaders, and above all, the Students under one SmartStudent umbrella. The platform provides a cross-learning opportunity for the schools which will help to raise the collective standards of education in India.


SmartStudent Club will provide a platform to our partner schools, giving them an opportunity to network with each other and share best practices and learnings. Additionally, the larger schools will work with the smaller schools to help them scale up and bring operational efficiency through our adopt-a-school program... Continue reading

Case Study

Planned fund raising campaigns, support of education leaders of the area, support from school management, parents and teachers helped us transform Gurukul Vidhyalaya with only 57 students into Gurukul International School with over 237 students within one and a half year.

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Platform Based on

A team of Advisors, Education leaders, School management, Teachers, SmartStudnet™ team, alumni, corporate and active parents collaborate to improve overall education standard of the area.

Advisory Panel

Academic researcher, Education Industry Experts, Think Tank from Innovation labs, Micro Innovation Experts, Media & Branding Experts, Social Change agents & thought leaders. Join SS Advisory Panel to share your expertise for organic development.

Education Leaders

Yougester working in education industry, Change agents helping society to grow, Youth group to create an impact on world to transform it into better place and any one who is interested to work for good cause in general and education sector in particular can Join SS Education Leaders Panel

School Management

Progressive School management who wants to add more value to their existing system and who believes in mutual benefits and ornic growth via cross learning and networking opportunity can be SS Club Member School

Active Parents

Parents are pillors of child's development andhence SS team Invites "Active Parents" to Join our "EdTalk" and different forums to share collective responsibility for Education segment Development.

SmartStudent™ Team

A collective effort with proper amalgamation of expertise, knowledge, passion, enthusiasm and a great vision to Overhaul education segment is what SS Team Stands for. Join SS Team as your career option.

Service Partners

SS team strives to bring best in class service partners offering range of products & services needed for overall development. Leveraging Technology and deep understanding of problem at hand, we are ready to provide our School member a "One Stop Solution". Join SS as Partner.

Support System

Crowd funding platforms, Corporate Social Responsibility fund and Short term loans for infrastructure development. Request such Big Hearts to Join SS so that deserving candidate should not loose opportunity to do excel.

Alumni Network

Knowledge, Expertise, Affection for Almamater and Support from Successful alumni has done tremedous impact for educational institute. Support Your Almamater With SS Team.

Club Membership Benefits

  • Cross Learning opportunity with different school club members
  • Engaging discussion for improving education ecosystem
  • Lower cost of operation
  • Benefits of being associated with organized sector in place of dealing with multiple vendors
  • One Stop solution for all products and services
  • Innovative solutions for school branding & marketing services for school expansion
  • Hassle free and technology enabled order management experience
  • Exposure to model adopted by developed school Professional payment policy
  • Exposure to model adopted by developed school
  • Opportunity for larger schools to be a part of SmartStudent’s ‘adopt-a-school’ program to mentor and guide the smaller schools
  • Funding support for various short-term and long-term needs for schools that are looking for funds
  • Opportunity to work with education leaders who have rich exposure to best practices applied by education institutes in developed nations
  • Different Scholarships and Crowd Funding Support
  • Sessions focused on fitness and nutrition to have long lasting effect on lifestyle
  • Sessions focused on Personality Development to transform students into smart students
  • Sessions focused on Stress Management, Meditation and Behavioral counseling
  • Career counseling to help students select the best career as per their strengths and interest
  • Focus on Moral Values and Ethics
  • Opportunity to be a part of SmartStudent’s Success Pipeline to inspire others towards attaining success
  • More engaging way of teaching to help students in grasping the complex subjects in a simple manner
  • Interact with education leaders
  • Awareness about advancements in teaching methodologies and their impact on kid’s learning
  • Smart Parenting workshop to help engage with kids in an effective manner
  • Network with other parents to discuss on common issues that kids face
  • Recognize the true potential of their wards through SmartStudent’s organized event
  • Opportunity to join discussion on how to improve education system
  • Opportunity to Collaborate with Schools and Education Leaders
  • Help in building a sustainable ecosystem for schools
  • Chance to motivate and inspire next generation
  • Chance to learn best practices from education sector of developed countries
  • Interact and network with other education leaders
  • Channel to contribute towards school Upliftment
  • Call us today at +91.9560 233 234 or Email us at contact@smartstudent.club

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