EBay wants to help you sell your old phone fast with Instant Selling

An Ebay logo is seen on a mobile phone

eBay will now let you sell your old phone in ‘a matter of minutes,’ but there’s a small catch: You get paid in eBay vouchers.

Known as Instant Selling, the service could be useful if your previous phone is just gathering dust and you’re bidding on some big-ticket item.

The e-commerce site says it offers returns that are up to 40 percent higher than other trade-in providers, which it says offer 40 to 50 percent off the average market selling price.


To use the service, you need to enter your device info — including the model, color, condition, carrier and any accessories — and it’ll give you the trending price. We found that a used, unlocked Apple iPhone 5S in perfect condition with all the accessories would be expected to go for $77 — not bad for a 5-year-old phone.

After listing it and accepting the conditions, you get your instant voucher and can ship your phone using a printable eBay shipping label.

‘Millions of Americans have unused phones in their homes and simply don’t realize how much their devices are worth, probably because trade-in values are typically so low,’ Alyssa Steele, eBay’s vice president of hard goods, said in a statement.

‘With Instant Selling, people can find out exactly how much their phone is worth, and sell their phone within a matter of minutes to immediately help fund the holidays, or maybe something off their personal wish list.’


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