With the Help of our partner SENSEi India(Initiative of Seekers & Enablers of Self Empowerment) we aspire to transform student into seekers

Stress Management through Meditation

We understand that in the present competitive environment what students lack is concentration to focus and confidence to tackle stress. As a part of our collaboration initiative, we would like to work with your school to take sessions for the students to address these gaps. This module created on scientific aspects of meditation is created specifically for teachers and students, and addresses the following:

  • Session 1: Energy is everywhere ™ everything (Science of energy maximization)
  • Session 2: Express! You are your best friend! (Dealing with emotions)
  • Session 3: Balancing Act of academics ™ fun (Holistic personality development)
  • At the end of the session, students will learn tips to improve concentration, become more efficient and confident, to remain calm under stress and become all-rounders. We would also introduce a volunteer program for the students to become “Enablers” to empower them to share their own practical transformational experiences with others. All classes will be organized by our partner organization SENSEI at different locations and students will be given certificates.

    Session 1: Science of Energy maximization

    Session 2: Dealing with Emotions

    Session 3: Holistic Personality Development

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