Smart Parenting = Smart Kids

Smart Parenting

Today’s kids are born digital and highly aware. Moreover, many families are going the nuclear way where the only interaction that kids have with adults (other than teachers) is with their parents. This shift in lifestyle makes the role of parents highly critical, and is instrumental in the right development of their child. At SmartStudent, we believe that Smart Parenting is not just about fulfilling the materialistic needs of the child but is also about understanding his/her emotional and psychological needs.

We have designed workshops to emphasize upon aspects such as the following:

  • Keeping Small Promises
  • Self Confidence Through Sports
  • Waking Up BEFORE Your Kids
  • Holiday Routines
  • Parenting is NOT Yelling & Screaming
  • Never Lie in Front of Your Kids
  • Your Child Deserves Dignity, Even if S/He’s Not Your Equal
  • Not Letting Your Kids Be Burdened With Bad New
  • Having a Schedule for Lunch & Dinner
  • “Do Your Best, Beta!”
  • Let Your Kids Fail, Then Succeed
  • Spanking WILL Damage Your Child’s Self Esteem
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