Solar Energy for Your School

Clean Energy Using Solar Power Panels

With fast depleting fossil fuel, world is moving towards renewable energy. Solar energy is one form of the renewable energy our country is fortunate to benefit with. Government buildings are getting equipped with solar power panels and using the benefits of generating energy in-house as well as sharing the burden on the state for power consumption.

Schools having large rooftops and playgrounds can contribute towards the environment and smart nation building by adopting solar panels. SmartStudent has collaborated with organizations who can help schools procure and deploy solar panels at a very low cost. If you are a school interested in adopting solar energy, please collect with us.

How it works

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Our Experts will propose a plan for your school. You may customize the plan according to your liking. You can also get loan for infrastructural development.

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Reap Benefits

Not only you will be self dependent for your energy needs, you will also be a role model for your area when it comes to green energy.